Bam Buddha Lounge is a holistic center that promotes wellness through all-inclusive classes in an educational cannabis-friendly environment. Self-medicating with cannabis through edibles, vape, smoking and topical medications has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to individuals. Were you just recently diagnosed and would like to become educated about the health benefits of art and cannabis? Do you want to elevate your inner creativeness? The Bam Buddha Lounge is the perfect solution to these scenarios!

We provide a private, relaxing environment where adults 21 years and older can become educated about art and cannabis under one roof. Our step by step instructed classes will surely become your new way to unwind.

We keep our classes to a small group of 25 members or less to allow individual attention and privacy. Classes must be paid in advance. We do not allow walk-ins. Once a guest has purchased their ticket they will receive an email confirmation of their purchase as well as the lounge address. Upon arrival guests will be greeted and checked in by the Lounge Manager. Thereafter, guests are required to sign a Private Membership Agreement. Due to scheduling with the lounge we ask that guests do not arrive more than 15-minutes in advance of the start of class.

To comply with local regulations for cannabis-friendly classes we are a BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) lounge. BYOC but limited to no more than 1 gram. Bam Buddha Lounge does not sell or provide any cannabis or cannabis paraphernalia. Under no circumstances may Lounge Members sell cannabis or cannabis products inside or near the lounge. Private security will be onsite to enforce this directive.

About the Owner

Kay aka Bam Buddha is the Curator and Owner of Bam Buddha Lounge. Kay is a walking is a walking incense or firecracker depending on her mood. With over 20 years of experience in the Event Planning industry (hospitality, street festivals, social market segment and government sector) Kay will apply her business acumen to connecting the Art and Cannabis industries.

Kay believes a daily grind will wear you down. So she meditates twice a day to remind herself that the future is an illusion, the only reality is NOW!

Become a lounge member to hear about Kay’s personal cannabis journey!